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Conditional formatting to highlight 'Invalid ID Numbers'

Question asked by simonpsmith on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by siplus

I have a field that I want to apply conditional formatting to. I thought this would be simple, and I have, for the purposes of this question, one table "CLIENTS" and one TO "CLIENTS_partners".


A field in CLIENTS is CLIENTid and another is CLIENTpartner_id.


Each client has their own unique ID number: 12345, 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349 etc.


A 'partner' still has a unique client ID number, so client 12345 could be partnered with client 12349 (we are talking married/coupled with partners not law firm partner).


The TO "CLIENTS_partners" is there as I have a button, with associated script, that brings up the related records (ID 12349 shows ID 12345 as their partner on their client record).


I want to set a simple conditional format to this field so that if a non-existing 'partner ID' is entered, such as (using just the 5 IDs above) someone says the partner of 12345 is 13865, it will be highlighted to them so that they know to find the correct partner's ID.


Whatever formulas I have tried to make this happen (trying to compare the entered CLIENTpartner_id to existing CLIENTids), I cannot get the correct result. The field stays in the 'highlight' state continually, unless the partner ID equals the client ID of the record I am viewing, which is pointless (as client 12345 will not be partnered to themselves).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.