Experience with Windows RT and FM Webdirect

Discussion created by Zerojojo on Mar 9, 2016
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does anybody have experience with FM Webdirect on a Windows RT machine?


A client of mine has a Surface with Windows RT from 2013 (yes, I know, royally screwed) and is accessing my solution over Webdirect. They report abysmal performance, as in filling in a few simple things takes many minutes of waiting time upon commit. We have other clients using Webdirect without problems and I also tested it myself in various situations on low spec hardware. The solution is definitely not at fault. Yes, they "only" have a 6 MBit connection, but that does not explain why it would be that painfully slow. Unfortunately, with the limitations of Windows RT, I cannot try a different browser or install a full version of FileMaker, so there go my easy options.


So I'm assuming that maybe Windows RT might be at fault through some slight browser incompatibility. To go to my client and test it myself is quite a trip and nobody I know has a Surface RT, so I thought I'd try my luck here. Any experience would be much appreciated.



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