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Perform Script on server

Question asked by Lawrencex on Mar 9, 2016
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Dear FileMaker Pros,


How do I keep the server running my "Perform Script on Server" even if I exit from my Client PC?


I use FMP 13 on Win platform.  I have 3 (three) Db files placed on a server, each with scripts. When I execute/run

one Db file with the script from my FMP, client PC, it usually takes 3 hours to complete. (It has big data, 9 million records.)  Now, when I want to execute my 2nd and 3rd Db file to run the script, FMP does not allow to open the

other FMP files, since its now connected to the 1st Db running its scripts on the server.


There seem to be no option to open multiple FMP windows to carry more than one FMP tasks in Windows!


Could you please advice how do I overcome this to open other Db/multiple FMP windows and execute the scripts

one by one and letting it run on the server, so could exit from my FMP Client PC and the server, while the  server

goes on running all 3 Db files?


I tried "Perform Script on server" but when I close/exit or even try opening my other FMP Db files on my PC,

the server terminate current running file. 


Thanks in advance.