Drop down list in portal not showing if fields stacked with hiding feature

Discussion created by FileKraft on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by fyanesv

Stacked fields in Portal with hiding on using mutually exclusive predicate ignores the value list.

in data viewer the ValueListItems shows that the values are present just he Drop down list doesn't show.


So in detail.


Within a portal row I have the same field twice stacked on top of each other fieldA_VL1 on top of fieldA_VL2 - both using different value lists and either fieldA_VL1 shows or fieldA_VL2 shows based on hiding by the same predicate where fieldA_VL1 hides if not matching this predicate and fieldA_VL2 hides if matching the predicate.


So on FMP13v5 and v9  all works as expected but on FMP14v5 fieldA_VL1 does not show a drop down list of its associated value list.

The data viewer shows me that the ValueListItems resolves the correct values but the drop down list won't display. No refresh and no ESC toggle helps.


The work around is possible with techniques used in FMP12 and earlier - major dev.


Please fix.