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FMS 14.0.4b does not show database to clients. What am I missing?

Question asked by aceebro on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by aceebro

Hi! And to anyone that can help, an advanced thank you! Let me give you my current configuration:


FMS 14.0.4b running two databases.

All clients experiencing the same issue running FMP 14.0.5 or FMPA 14.0.5


The first database loaded on the FMS was developed in FMPA 14 and uploaded to the server and works fine.

The second database loaded on the FMS was developed in FMP 12, but when uploaded to the server via FMPA 14.0.5, it does not show up to the clients when you click on the Hosts browser.


I've checked permissions on both databases on the server, and they are identical. The server admin shows the second database, which does not show up to clients, as "Normal". It also verifies without any errors.


Also, weirdly, when the FMP12 database was uploaded, all clients are now required to log in once when they select the server, and again when they log in to the database. This behavior only started to happen when attempting to upload the old, FMP12-developed database.


I've attached images of the FMS Admin console, a grab of the FMS Databases folder at the finder level, and what all the FMP 14.0.5 and FMPA 14.0.5 clients see. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Andy