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Associate expenses to user (related tables)

Question asked by marcopel on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by earljr

Dear all.

I'm try to make a simple database of the items we purchase in order to keep track of what each single user buys.

I made a table called Item where I will store items names, price, quote, invoice etc.

then I have a table with the list of users and their budgets.

What I was trying to do is just that every time I create a new record in the item table I specify to which user the item is "associate" and I was expecting to have in the user table a list of the items and the summary of the total price.

I made something that behave like this:

Item table:

ID01Some stuff10Mr.x
ID02Other stuff15Mr.x


That is what I see in the user table:

User01Mr.xI don't see anythingsame, is empty
User02Mr.xAs aboveAs above


I related them with a relation:

Item table::UserIDfk >---User table:UserID

Allowing creation of data from the item table to the user table


The problem Is, indeed, when I create a new record in the item table I cannot associate it to a user that already exists, it creates a new user.



Still I navigate in the ocean, I can probably give you more informations if is needed.


What I would like to see instead is something like this:


User table (or a layout):




Item Name
Some stuff10
Other stuff15



Is there anyone with a loot of patience that can help me please.

Thanks a lot!

but really , really, a lot.