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    Container Fields in portals.  Images vs. pdf icons


      I have a container field in a portal in a database file on a FileMaker 13 (Mac) server and another container field in a portal on a FileMaker 14 (Windows) server.


      Both container fields are set up for external storage and are Optimized for JPEG, PNG. BMP, etc.  


      On the FileMaker 13 (Mac) server, when I insert a PDF into the container (Using Insert Picture), I get an image displayed on in the field.  However, when I insert the same file (Using Insert Picture) on the FileMaker 14 (Windows) server,  I get a PDF Icon and Filename displayed.


      We would like an image to show rather then the PDF icon and FileName. 


      Is the difference due to mac vs. windows server?     If so, is there any way to force the image display for the PDF file in the container field (which is again a Portal Container field and that is why we don't have interactive content turned on). 


      Thank you!