Creating Database for Point of Sells

Discussion created by Grooveee on Mar 10, 2016
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I need help making a database for my Point of sells.


I have one product (sold by tickets), that different objects (many hotels and many bars, etc.) are selling it. All this object should be in one table i guess.

I will do every week a report (witch have to be in different table) where i will write how many tickets each of my objects sold.

So when make new week report, all the objects should popup automatically  (i guess with a portal) and i can write how many each object sold.

Then it could be cool when i go to the objects to see again with portal, how many each Object sold each week.

I think the attached file witch is a picture from excel can help here to understand what is my idea.

PS> Sorry about my English.

Another thing its the statistics

When I make new record for object i should be able to chose between 3 different types of objects - Hotel, Bar, Shop

If a Hotel its selected should popup another field to write how many rooms have 20 rooms.

If a hotel have 500 rooms that means he should sell way more then a hotel that have only 3.

I can put a formula that for every 10 rooms should be sold 2 tickets weekly

So if the hotel have 500 rooms he should sell 100 tickets weekly.the hotel of 20 rooms should sell only 4 weekly.

If the both hotels sell 30 tickets each, for the hotel with 500 rooms thats a really bad result, but for the small hotel with 20 rooms thats excelent.

The idea is to have statistic for the good and bad sellers by capacity.


Another statistic could be for all types of sellers (hotels, bars etc) to show the top and bad for different period of time.

Last 3 weeks, Last Month, All year

I hope somebody from here have to time the knowledge and the wish to make me build this data base.

Thanks In Advance