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Script steps missing from some scripts in full Database Design Report

Question asked by FrankvanderMost on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by FrankvanderMost

Recently, I noticed that in case of some scripts the DDR does not show the script steps, nor any of the other information under 'Script Definition'. It's not the browser omitting the content: I checked the html and it simply is not there.


When I generate a DDR that includes only the scripts and nothing else, the script steps are reported for all scripts.


Obviously, this is a workaround but I miss the opportunity to jump between different parts (layout definitions, field definitions, scripts etc.) of the report.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to get the full report to actually report everything before I try compacting and database recovery (that would be a hassle for me since it is running on a server to which I do not have direct access)?