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Question asked by donselaar on Mar 10, 2016
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I need to keep track of training certificates (issued by our supplying companies). Every certificate may authorize one or more of our people to give user training or to perform product repairs, or both. And, that certificate may authorize them to do that on one or more of that company's devices we have installed at customers. Hospitals in my case.


So, I have certificates, I have authorized people (engineers), and I have devices they are authorized for. The basic data entry form would be a layout based on certificates with portals for adding the people trained and devices trained on. The aim is to create overviews of devices and exactly who is authorized to train users on them and/or to repair them and the create overviews of our engineers and the devices they have valid authorizations for and when these expire etc. 


Doesn't seem hard, but where I am pretty OK at layouting, valuelisting, and scripting things together, I seem to lack the brain cell type for putting the right relationships together.  I just don't see it.


Attached is an image of a setup that I have attempted to join together in several ways but without the result I am hoping for.  As many persons may be (through those certificates) holding authorizations for many devices, I guess I need a join table (or more?). That is where I get stuck.


So I am turning to the community for directions that will put me out of my misery.