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Interactive Container Crashes in Filemaker Pro 14 between v1 and v5

Question asked by benhirsch on Mar 10, 2016
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Something happened in Filemaker 14 with interactive containers since the earlier versions .1 or .2.


I built a Web Direct app based on Filemaker 14 which is heavily used quarterly.  We placed out student and supervisor PDF manuals within the application for reference. So far we haven't experienced any problems on the web in our supported browsers.  But we have found problems in the desktop application - filemaker pro advanced 14.0.5 and 14.0.4 pro - both Mac. 


Found this in another sizable application with student documents. If the document is large (in our case 3.77mbs or 4 or even 8mbs) upon opening the form FileMaker will just quit (but not all the time).  This is with Interactive content checked on. And certainly it is related to Adobe plugin files in the System / Library / Internet Plugins folder.  I removed them and no crash - and - no interactive content which is sort of the point.  This same problem has impacted our student advisors who are all on 14.0.4 on Mac.


Adobe Reader is 15.010.20060

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro 9.5.5

AdobePDFViewer.plugin  15.010.20060

AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.pluin  15.010.20060


I'm on a MacBook Pro running 10.11.3 with tons of memory.

Filemaker Pro Advanced is using the default cache of 128mb


Read through a lot of discussions about this but no one seems to offer a solution other than fixing the Adobe side of the equation.  Are we caught in a cross-fire?