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    Warranty Status Calculation


      The output of the Warranty Status is either IW (In Warranty) or OOW (Out Of Warranty) via a calculation.  Below is my calculation:


      If ( Lookup ( cWOM ; WarrantyCal_VendorName::Date ) > Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "IW" ; "OOW")


      I have a warranty calendar table with the following fields:  Date (not creation date), Month, Day, Year, OOWWorkweek, OOWYr, and OOWWOM.  WOM means Week Of Manufacture.  The WOM is a calculation field on my main table with the following calculation:  Middle ( SN ; 4 ; 3 ).


      From the warranty calendar the only 2 fields of importance in determining whether a unit is IW or OOW is OOWWorkweek and Date.  The above IF statement works fine, except for the fact that when the WOM is 527+ the warranty status of the units are marked as OOW; and, they should in fact be IW.


      I noticed that when looking up the source field (WOM) if the date is, e.g., 04/04/2016, then the unit is IW.  However, if the date for a given WOM is 527 and above, e.g., 01/01/2017, then the unit become OOW.  Again, that would be incorrect.  Shouldn't a date in  2017 be greater than a date in 2016?


      My question would be how can this be resolved, or is there another way to rewrite this calculation. 


      Thank you.