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Simple ‘Find’ fails

Question asked by Abingdon on Mar 10, 2016
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FMS 14.3 – FMP 14.3. on PCs



I’ve never seen this before and am posting to see if anyone else has.



Ignore my quote marks. A user does a manual find on a name field. Entering Find mode, enters the name, say, ‘John Smith’.  Filemaker says ‘No records Found’. 


User tries a different way to find the person by entering the person’s unique id.  It finds the record.

I can see the ‘John Smith’ record.  So, I copy ‘John Smith’, enter find mode, paste it in, I get no records found.

I delete the text in the name field and re-type in, ‘John Smith’.  I do the Find again, no records found.

Someone else does the John Smith find on a different machine and finds it.



This is happening intermittently (but not frequently) on various records on various machines.



The machine(s) that the find is failing on are not disconnected from FMS (my first thought).

Restart FM and then the problem goes away.

Are my indexes getting tired?


I am planning on doing some Spring cleaning on these databases, would be grateful to get the 'best practice' procedure suggestions in connection with this.


Many thanks as always.