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    iOS Sdk seems very limited


      As an experienced iOS developer but with little experience with FileMaker, I was surprised to open the template app and find that it didn't seem to allow customization such as adding view controllers,  changing the application flow, etc.  It says "do not modify" on the main part of the app.  It has no appdelegate, etc.


      This is unlike any other sdk I have ever used for iOS development. I have a specific need for multiple view controllers and controlling the application views and flow.  Is this just not possible?   Or, hopefully I am just missing how to open it up to typical iOS development.


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          The iosAppSDK does not come with a template app.  The sdk replaces FMGo on your device.  You design your database in Filemaker Pro.   The iosAPPSDK allows FM databases to be use / ran on ios devices, and the databases can be sold on the App store.   You will need FMP to developer your databases / app.  FM comes with starter solutions that work on your computer and ios devices.   FMGo also comes with 3 or 4 sample apps. 


          iosAppSDK replaces FMGo, so the user does not have to install FMGo to run FM databases.  Allows databases created with FM to be place on the App store.

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            Actually the iOS SDK does come with a template app.  It is called AppTemplate and it is in the iOSAppSDK-->AppResources-->Resources directory.   There is an Xcode project file called AppTemplate.xcodeproj  in that directory.  But if you open that project in xCode it seems very limited as I said above.


            I'm just wondering if there is a way to integrate the sdk into an xCode project so you can make the app do whatever you want, but use the FileMaker data.

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              That template is not for end user use.   There are steps that are taken to create a xcode project for a FM database.  The iosAppSDK takes the place of FMGo and allows Filemaker Database to be sold on the app store.   The template is used to create the xcode project.  It is not designed to be modified.   You do your development in FMP.   When you use ./makeprojdir in the terminal this program uses the template to create a new project for your app. 


              I'm just wondering if there is a way to integrate the sdk into an xCode project so you can make the app do whatever you want, but use the FileMaker data

              The sdk is basically the runtime for a FM database.  Whatever commands are available for FMGo is available to the sdk.  Development is intended to be done in FM not in xcode.    Xcode handles everything so that the database can be put on to the app store.   

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                Ok - thanks for clarifying.  That is really too bad that you can't do actual  iOS development against a real sdk.  I don't think they should have even called it an sdk.  That is very misleading for iOS developers.  


                It is really just a packager with no development capabilities.



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                  It's not meant for iOS developers really. It's meant for FileMaker Developers.


                  You still do all of your UI, function and Schema development in FileMaker. It's designed to take AWAY all of the complicated development of XCode and require very minimal effort to provide the full compliment of filemaker go functionality in a compiled app.


                  It would be hard to qualify it as anything other than an SDK though. I'm not sure how you'd imagine it being able to work given the nature of FileMaker, which essentially is an app itself contained in a file. The SDK is just a means to "run" your filemaker file in iOS.


                  It could be my fundamental misunderstanding, but why would you want to do any of your own interface work to override what filemaker provides? What were you imagining the purpose of this SDK would be?

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                    Well,  something I need to do is to format a report in Portrait mode for an external display so it properly fills the entire display, gets updated as more data is added/changed, etc.   This requires manipulating a view and rotating it, resizing it, etc.   FileMaker can't do that but I can do it in iOS native code if I could get access to the data from FileMaker.


                    Almost always an iOS sdk lets you use whatever capabilities are available from that framework in a custom app done however you would like to do it.   For example,  other databases such as Realm or Azure or AWS let you grab the data and do whatever the heck you want with it.  I just had similar expectations for this one.

                    Does FileMaker let you download exported data via REST requests?  That is perhaps another way I can do what I need to do.


                    Regards,  Jerry

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                      SDK means only Software Development Kit.

                      Something to make software.

                      For FIleMaker it is more of a packaging kit where you package a half made app with your own icon and database.

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                        Yes, RESTfm is a free solution to turn your filemaker into a RESTful web server so you can pull data that way. You can also connect via the PHP API or XML API.


                        You just want the data, since filemaker is both a database AND a UI builder, you're expecting the SDK to just eliminate a large portion of functionality of filemaker. That doesn't make sense (from a filemaker point of view).

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                          Mike,  Hopefully not to belabor the point too much, but I wasn't expecting a lot of the FileMaker functionality to be eliminated in the sdk.  A really full featured sdk would allow a user to have the forms, views, controls and functionality of FileMaker along with the data and free reign to do what one wanted in the rest of the app.   


                          Personally, I would have loved to embed the FileMaker reporting capabilities within an xCode view controller and add other functionality that I need.   That would be a good sdk.   Perhaps that will come along one of these days.


                          Thanks for the tip about the RESTfm.  Hopefully that or the PHP API will give me what I need for the app.