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To show products and last purchase date on a portal

Question asked by lluiscooking on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by beverly

Good afternoon


I have standard solution with following scheme


COSTUMER/ costumer_ORDERS / costumer_orders_LINEITEM / costumer_order_lineitem_PRODUCT.


I  have a portal showing all products from a client. I can do that by using records from the last TO (costumer_order_lineitem_PRODUCT). This is not a problem.

Instead of this I would like to have a portal showing:


Product     Last purchase date (of the product)     Last price (of the product)


To do this, I think I should use the data from (costumer_orders_LINEITEM). I guess I should filter the portal in order to show only the last LINEITEM record containing each product. Or perhaps there's another way to do. I guess this must a common request.

Can anybody help me on that?.


Thanks for your help.