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switch between local file in FM Go to remote Db

Question asked by sivagurS on Mar 10, 2016
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I have an application wherein the user opens the Local file in Filemaker Go, checks if there is connection to the Wifi Network and if it is connected, then opens the Remote File straightaway.There the user using ESS logs in, scans a WO, retrieves the corresponding details.

But when there is no network connectivity then the user stays in the local file and scans the WO, saves it to a local FM table and keeps checking for the network connection, once connection is detected it syncs the local FM table WO to the remote table using Import Records Script step.

Also when the user is working on the Remote File, keeps checking if the connection is available and at any point when the connection is not available, switches back to the local file

Here is my code to check the network Connection:

((Get ( NetworkType ) = 0 ) and CompareStrings ( Get ( SystemIPAddress ); "10.80.10"; "cn"; True) )  // CompareStrings() is a custom function

I am not sure if this is the right way of doing this. I am checking for the Wifi network connection. But I would like to check for the connection to the FM server.

How do we check from the local file for connection to the FM server?


Any help is hugely appreciated

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