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User Entry Field without relating to a table field

Question asked by sivagurS on Mar 10, 2016
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I have a login Page with with an Edit Box linked to a table with one empty record, where the user just enters his Employee Code, I then look for this Employee code in the ESS table and authenticate the user.

This works fine. But when run on a remote file , when two users are in the same page simultaneously, every time one user enters a value, it reflects on another users screen as well, also it will not allow one user to enter the code when the other user's field is active.

I know this is because they are displaying records from the table they are linked to.


Is there a way in Filemaker where we can have a User Entry Field that is not linked to any table, If not please suggest me a good way to work this out.

Hope I have explained it well.


Thanks in advance