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    Data migration


      We are using Filemaker Server 11 and Filemaker Pro advace 11. Our database size is app 25GB.

      Now we are planing to upgrade Filemaker version from 11 to 14. So,if we convert .fp7 file to .fp12 , is that create any issue ? is these file supported on version 14 ?

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          The fmp7 database will be open in fmp14 to convert the database to fmp12 format.  FMP will make new copy of the database and leave the original fp7 database as backup.   FMP will convert the layout, but items are not always converted as expected, so you may have to modify your layouts.  

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            Thanks for the reply.

            What you mean by "modify your layouts" ?

            Is there any another area which can affected while converting file from version 7 to 12 ?