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Standalone file on Windows Clients slow - but fast if new user account created

Question asked by FileKraft on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by FileKraft

Hi there,


Interesting observation: Our users running any flavor of windows complain about lousy speed FMP13 and FMP14. The file is big 1GB and running stand-alone.


So we did a lot of trouble shooting and found out that if we tell the users to create a new user account and install the file there then speed is acceptable (compared to their original user  super fast).


Some of our user upgraded to new users but i guess they carried over their old historic garbage which might slows things down.


So on the mac we had crashes even on brand new computers of the file and also the new user fixed this issue (crashing) - speed on macs was ok.


My question if anyone already resolved this speed problem on windows without creating a new user account, how did she/he do it?