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FM14 script workspace bug?

Question asked by bigtom on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2016 by BruceHerbach

So I found myself needing a long script and ran into an issue with the Script Workspace (SW).


The SW has the nice type ahead feature which I like. First problem with it is that you cannot add anything in the middle of an existing script. You have to click in the open space below the script to get the type ahead feature. Annoying but understandable.


So what happens when your script reaches the bottom of the screen? There is no more empty space below the script to click in to get the type ahead. The only way to add script steps from this point on it to use the side menu and that slows development down. When doing so the last step get difficult to deal with. I have a big iMac. People developing on a MacBookPro must get upset faster.


I tried making a new script and then copy pasting at the bottom of the original. This works so the script development can go a little faster, but it sure is annoying. When you set variable with a Let the script takes up two line in the SW. I am getting to about 30 steps before I am running out of space. On my MacBookPro I might see only 15-20.


I would call this an interface bug for sure. Can you confirm? Has this already been reported?