DDR report does not contain all scripts

Discussion created by FrankvanderMost on Mar 11, 2016
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Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v9 with a file running on a windows server with server v. 13 (sorry, I don't know other details about the server)


OS and version Mac OS 10.9.5

Browser and version does not apply


Hardware MacBook pro, 2.6 Ghz intel core i5, 8 GB ram


The DDR, html version, does not contain the contents (script steps and related data about what is used in the script) of some of the scripts.



How to replicate
I do not know how to replicate. Perhaps the outstanding characteristics of the database are

1) a high number of relationships (>1100) compared to the number of tables (32) and

2) one table with over 1000 fields.

For more details see the summary of the DDR as attached





Use the xml version of the DDR