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adding data without replacing data

Question asked by overweightsmoker on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by overweightsmoker

Is it possible? Running 9, (do have 14 but not installed on server yet) Anyway...I am trying to add multiple pieces of data from from 3 separate fields to a single field in a separate data base( for customer reference). The data base called meter read - have script that adds text to invoice database, moves to next field and puts data from a field in meter read where it belongs in voice DB.  What I am trying to do is add data to invoice field, then add a second piece of data and a third piece of data to the same field in the invoice db. Everytime I try to add data to same field it wipes writes over the previous data.

I can get only 1 item to populate a field.  Either the text or the number...not both, or 3 different numbers

Is it possible?


Thanks for any assistance.