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Discussion created by user14040 on Mar 11, 2016
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I wrote this script which will automatically enter information


problem i found was EquiptypeIDfk are different numbers (Equipment Type)  trying to figure out how would I create a script that will make changes on several different equipment types.




[Drop Down Menu] Equipment Type:Incubator

Once the Equipment Type is selected it enters automatically

Cal_Intervals:Every 6-Months,

Sort by company cal: SAS,


Term, Term2, TechnicianIDfk1: SAS,

plandescription: Calibration


I am just not sure how to be able to let the database know that each equipment type has its own set of values.  any help will be appreciated.



If [Equipment::equiptypeIDfk = "65"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::Cal_Intervals; "Every 6-months"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::Sort_By_Company_Cal; "SAS"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::FindEquip; "SAS"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::Terms; "184"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::Terms2; "122"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::TechnicianIdfk1; "25"]

Insert Text [Select;Equipment::plandescriptionIDfk; "4"]

End If