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Can't open pdf on mac

Question asked by dinoeverett on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by dinoeverett

I have been having a very hard time trying to open a pdf that is stored opn an external non-filemaker server, since I need separate script steps for the PC and the mac...PC work easy multiple different ways, but mac never opens no matter what.......Basically the pdf's are all stored on an external server and I am breaking the script up into 2 sections ... 1 - to direct it to the folder where all of these pdf's are located, and 2 - each record has a field (Item Records::url) with the name of the specific pdf that is related only to that record.


I receive the following error messages when I try to use the script....

1 - The file "<unknown>" could not be found and is required to complete this operation.       




2 - The previous script step "send event" could not be completed because of an error. Do you wish to continue?


when I hit continue it opens the folder where the pdf file exists.



Here is my current script, can anyone find the errors? -


1 - Set Variable [$server;

Value: "file://"]

2 - Set Variable [$file;

Value: Item Records::url]

3 - Set Variable {$path; Value: $server & $file]

4 - If [Get(SystemPlatform)=1]

5 - Set Variable [$path;

     Value: "smb://"]

6 - Set Variable [$file;

     Value: Item Records::url]

7 - Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc";

     "$path & $file"]

8 - End if

9 Open URL [No dialog; $path]