Renaming the same file name @export process

Discussion created by sudha on Mar 13, 2016
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Hi all,


The requirment is to export the documents from the filemaker database and it can be done using Export Field content.

The documents are stored in the filemaker database file with similiar names and for that case have to rename the existing filename and storing it in another text field and during the export proces the file is exported using this file name.

I have created a script which is taking the first file name and comparing with the rest of the files. If the filename(first filename, any other filename) appears to be similiar, I have to rename both the file names. However, it is not working to renaming of the similar files(logically)

I have attached the script for your reference. Please advise me how to resolve this.


Substitute function will be added later for exact renaming . Instead, I just used some other data to append after the filename as it is a test script.