Data type conflicts for enumerated checkbox values in a number field?

Discussion created by tkessler45 on Mar 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by macwombat

I have a table that associates an index number with a text name for each record. I have created a value list for the index numbers, and have this value list show the text names for easier reading. When using this value list, I can choose the option for a checkbox set, which shows a series of the value list's text names and subsequently stores the numerical values of the checked boxes in a return-delimited list.


With this setup, FileMaker allows me to define a number field in a table, and then in a layout use this value list checkbox approach for assigning values; however, the return-delimited text is stored. This is clearly not a numerical value, so I am wondering whether this is a bug, or something that may cause problems? When I access the field's data in other layouts, the data is properly translated to the appropriate checkbox values which suggests proper handling, but the same happens when I use "text" as the data type for the field. Is the data just being dynamically translated to text even though the field is a number?