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How can I change the Script Editor cursor to a vertical line?

Question asked by iking42 on Mar 12, 2016
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I upgraded to FM14 Pro Advanced and my script editing time has grown exponentially due to stupid errors related to the big gob cursor. I cannot tell where it is located in the text so I am repeatedly inserting or deleting at the wrong location. Is it possible to set the cursor to a vertical I bar line which is much easier to work with. Also, moving script lines has become almost impossible. The highlighted line rarely the line that moves. Is anyone else having this problem. Very devastating when deleting script steps. Cannot trust the editor to delete the one I have highlighted unless I cursor up one then down two and return to the desired line. This seams to work repeatedly. Simply hitting delete and expecting the highlighted line to go away is deadly. Never, well almost never happens. The line above or below goes away and there is no undo. Any assistance with these problems would be appreciated. We are presently editing scripts in FM13 and importing them. Not a great work around.