Intermittent issue with records from FMS

Discussion created by vincedubeau on Mar 12, 2016
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I have a client who is experiencing a strange problem. When going to a layout that has a parent record and a portal showing related records sometimes the related records don't show. They call me, I go to the same record and see the records or they log out and back in and they can then see the portal records. It almost seems as if FMS is having an issue "sending" the records down to the client. This issue has only come up in the past month or so and doesn't happen all of the time. As my client provides a service to their clients this can be embarrassing.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there something I should look for?


FMS 14v02 on a new mac mini, static IP address, router brand unknown.

Clients are a mixture of FM 13, 14 and WebDirect.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.