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FM 14 Adv 05 - My head hurts from dealing with this....

Question asked by synergy46 on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by synergy46

I have a membership application.  There are Members, Visitors and Meetings; all with their own tables.
The layout looks like this:  (The layout iss based on Meetings and the portals are:

Members:: MemberMeetingJoin and Visitors:: VisitorMeetingJoin




Here is the Members Valuelist:


The problem is:  "Users are using my 'free' app with a lot more records than I ever imagined.  Using a popup and the Members Attendance Value List  means that they can not type in part of a name and have the program implement AutoEnter and jump to the name. 


But, if I change the Members::Name field to reference ONLY the member name, I will loose all the all ready input data and the users will have to input again all their Meeting Member Names.


Anyone have a work around for this problem?