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    Re-login Dialog ?




      I have no idea where this "RE-login" Dialog comes from? Anybody knows how could trigger a dialog like this?

      I find that Re-Login script will trigger a dialog like this:




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          probably a modal window mocking a standard FM dialog.

          Use script debugger to find our exactly where its coming from

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            First i try to find that layout in the system , can not find it!

            and i try to create one using New Window with all styles and can not create a same one.


            Any idea?

            More info for this :  we use a robot/helper file on windows server, and the popup window happen in some time due to a scheduled filemaker script (not sure if that's the case)



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              Go to New Window Options, click on Specify Advanced Style.

              You will see options to make a new window as either: Document Window (default); Floating Document Window; Dialog Window(modal)


              You will also see options to disable/remove specific window controls:

              close, minimize, maximize, Zoom Control, Resize



              Make sure you have a way to reliably close the window while you are setting up/testing or you will wind up with a window that you cannot get rid of easily...

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                Have you checked "popover button" on the layout?

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                  Hi Guys


                  I feel the question is a bit of unclear.


                  How about i ask in a different way? How to create a dialog in original post (Exactly the same) from Native Filemaker?


                  I tried the custom dialog and new window with all mode. I can not do it.

                  There's a plugin used on that FileMaker Server. would that cause a dialog like that?



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                    Agreed. This could be a popover button that is setup off screen to hide the fact that it is a popover.

                    Depending on the design, it could also be a sliding tab, or hidden tabs that switch via script control.


                    How is this dialog being accessed by you? Is it running a script from the scripts menu? are you clicking a button on screen that runs a script or activates a popover? Dig deeper.

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                      For the record: This is not a test. I really got stuck with it.

                      Really good thinking about Popover and sliding tab.. (i don't think that's it, due to the behavior i see below)



                      1. I can not click anywhere else in filemaker to make the dialog box disappear. or do anything else with the filemaker file. (it's just like any other dialog box, you have to deal with it first. i guess it's not popover unless you argue with some technique to keep it open or ... like i said this is not a tricky test)

                      2. I can move the dialog freely (i don't see it link to any object, so it should not be a slid tab or popover)


                      More info: it happens on the server machine (i have no idea how it happened.) I used robot file to do some task like generate PDF when a scheduled filemaker server script runs.


                      and next day i find the email did not sent out (a server script should do that).


                      then go to server , that 's what i see the dialog in there. (do not know how it happened) , put a full access account which is opened it earlier,  then it disappear.


                      >>Dig deeper<< ? i just have no idea where to dig.



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                        I think this is a FileMaker 14 dialog box that comes up telling you to log back into your file.  FileMaker 14 now has the ability to reconnect when it gets disconnected.

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                          Hi rgordon


                          Wow , I think you got it! You put me to the right direction. I found a good article as well on the internet.



                          Thanks a lot.

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                            You should see the Script step: Re-Login