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    Conditional Field Look Up


      I have two fields in a record. One is a text field and the other is a container field. When I type the word 'Tree' in the text field, a calculation would look up to see if the word is correct and then places an image of a tree in the container field.


      I hope I have explained this in it's simplest terms for any help on this.





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          Hi Bob


          Do you really need to store an image in a container?

          If not, you could use a web viewer that shows an image relative to the word in the text field (using Google Image or any other search engine).



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            Thanks for the quick feedback Chloe. Yes I do.


            I think there is a way to do this. Once set up, the calculation would look to make sure the criteria is correct and send the result to the container field. I am working with a client who is beeing converted from Excel to FileMaker. The database is a large product file and I need to do some automation.


            As an example, I have in a separate storage folder within the solution, jpegs of a Tree, a Bird, a Goat. In the text field I type TR and the image of the tree pops into the container field. Or, I put in the letters GO and the image of the goat is placed into the container field.


            Everything would be set up correctly in the calculation for this to work. But how?

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              Do you need to use "folder" for the images? FM have container field to store images.


              What do you mean saying "correct"?

              If "GO" is correct for "Goat", isn't there other files starting with "go"?


              If you import all images into a table, it have file name for images. Then you can make value list of file names and use it for auto complete while typing.