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How do I handle usernames and passwords when using PHP in FMP Server 14?

Question asked by sgasch on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by sgasch

I am using Custom Web Publishing and am in the process of converting my webpages from XSLT to PHP. I am working with someone else who knows php, but not Filemaker Pro. With XSLT, Filemaker Pro handles the login and then I have access to the privilege that the user has in all of my scripts. However, my co-workers says that that will not work with php and that I need to have a separate table with the usernames, passwords and privileges. Also, I need to use login php pages to work with this info.


My question is, how should I handle this with php? Do I no longer have direct access to the user information when I use php pages instead of XSLT???


Some guidance, please!!!