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    Layout change crashing program


      Hello all,


      I am hoping someone can help me.


      I am trying to add a field to one of my layouts, my main one of course... When I click the "add field" button or select field picker this causes the program to crash and close.


      It only happens on this layout? I can edit others with the same field I am trying to add and there is no issue?


      Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?


      Your help is always appreciated,

      Many thanks


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          Here are a few things you could do to try to resolve the situation.  Duplicate the layout and see if the problem occurs on the duplicate.  If yes, then on the duplicate start removing fields and retesting after you remove each field.  This may help you to identify if there is a particular field that is causing the issue.  Also you could check all your fields to make sure that none of them are from another Table Occurrence where perhaps the relationship to the TO has been broken by a field in the relationship having been deleted.  Check that no field is trying to display information from a relationship that is invalid in the context of the TO that the layout is based on.


          I had a problem with a layout one time that was doing a similar thing.  In the end after trying everything else I resolved it by recreating the layout as a brand new layout from scratch.  The only thing I can think is that there was a corruption somehow on the layout.  I have heard of it happening if for instance you copy and paste from a different programme / application into FMP and there is a character or graphic or something that FMP is not designed to handle that gets pasted on the layout that shouldn't be there.


          HTH.  Chris

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            one time I experienced a corrupt layout. Apparently it does happen. I deleted the layout and created another. Problem solved.

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              Thank you. I did try duplicating the layout to see if the problem still arose sadly it did. I will try the removing fields and see how that goes. I have also checked all relationships and cant see any issues there...


              Thank you for your help, but I get the sinking feeling I will have to re create the layout....

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                Don't copy anything from the old layout to the new layout because you can copy the corrupt item(s) to the new layout.

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                  I had a similar 'bug'.  The resolution was the FM Style I was using; which FM choose to no longer support.


                  I changed the style (to wave) and everything corrected.


                  Hope this helps