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    Filemaker 12 - How to Set up Go 13




      Ok, so I am new to the site, and I have tried searching for this, but not sure if I am searching for the right things.


      Anyways, I have a licence of Filemaker Pro Adv 12. I can download the Filemaker Go app, and when it is on my home network (I work from home), I can access all my files on my iPad no problems. How do I get it to work to work over my iPad's 4G connection? I have searched and searched, and struggled to find any straight forward answers. If you know of a thread that has discussed this before, can you point me in that direction please?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Your computer is not on the same network as your phones cellular network. I believe you will need a static IP number for your computer to allow access to the computer from outside of your home network.  Your phone's cellular network will use the internet to connect to your computer.  You'll probably need to work through your ISP to make this happen.

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            It's not required to have a static ip address.   If your internet  service provider changes your public ip address then you will have to use the new ip address to access your files.  If you were setting up a site that needed to be up all the time then you would need a static public ip address.


            You need to setup port forwarding on your router.  You will forward port 5003 to your host computer local ip address.


            1. Obtain you local ip address : When you turn file sharing on FM displays your local ip address.  for example

            2. Enter your rounter ip address into your browser to configure your router.  for example

            3. Go to your port forwarding settings .  Add port 5003 and have it to forward to your host ip address

                 and set protocol to  both.. example from step 1 :

            4. Go to a website such as http://www.ipchicken.com/  This is your public ip address assigned by your internet service  provider.   This is the ip address you will need to use.

            5.  If you have any firewalls enable then you will need to open port 5003 on your firewall