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set field inconsistently failing in 14.0.5 - why?

Question asked by googull on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by googull

I am running FMP Adv 14.0.5  - since last update I have started having issues with fields failing to be set under script control on desktop app.    This wasn't an issue before by now it is happening repeatedly though and I can't replicate on command.  My client runs all day then calls to report missing data that never used to be an issue.   3 of these issues are from scripts I have written but also from a Set Field script in the Invoices template.   Sending and invoice via email has always marked the invoice as sent.  Last week 37 invoices were sent and the script failed to update the table.  Since then all good.   I am reordering script statements and placing commit statements behind every Set Field - trying to address this inconsistent behavior.  Fields being impacted are in various tables.  When I test myself everything works.  Wondering if anyone has seen this come up or might have a idea on what might have changed other than the recent FMP update.