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Help with popover and record navigation

Question asked by jefflovesantiques on Mar 15, 2016
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First I would like to say, YES, I am a newbie... :-) and apologize up front for any dumb questions or any questions that have been answered 1,00,000,000 times by the professionals on this forum. I tried to search but did not come up with anything that I thought was related to my problem, and its driving me crazy.


Now to my problem. I have a table called products, and a table called appraisals. They are related by ProductsIDpk in products and ProductsIDfk in the appraisals table (there can be many appraisals for one product). I have a layout on the products table called appraisals, it has three objects, one is a popover with a container field for attachments, second is a portal for Appraisals (just shows Appraisal date, Appraised by and Appraisal Value), then the third is a popover that has all of the fields from the appraisal table, I tried to make a button bar with buttons that take me to next record, previous..etc, but have had no luck. I can make it go to the next main record, in the products table but cant get it to focus on the appraisals table. I have given the popover an object name of AppraisalsDetail.


Any help would be highly appreciated or if there is all ready answers on this forum, would be grateful if you could please direct me to them.