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Acces to Filemaker Server from Filemaker Pro Advanced

Question asked by JuliusBaumann_1 on Mar 16, 2016
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i got the following problem and I'm running out of ideas...


I have established a filemaker Server in our company, that should give access to files via filemaker go and instant web publishing. For uplouding the files and administrate the admin console I want to use my PC. I have tested the whole system in our internal network and everything worked fine. I got access from all devices and with every software.


Now I moved the server into a external network. I have forwarded and opened the ports of the router. The access via filemaker go and via browser was still not a problem, but I can' get access via filemaker Pro advanced. For testing I disabled my Avira and opened every local and remote port in my firewall. Nothing. What's the problem here? I appreciate any answers!


Thank you!




PS: I use Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 and Filemaker Server 14