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Question asked by Herby on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by macwombat

I am using the Asset solution provided by FileMaker. In the ASSET DETAILS window when an asset is 'not assigned' a button (red) named 'Check-out' when clicked on displays a drop-down list. the top drop-down list accessible permits the user to enter text e.g. 'Workshop' which then is available for the next asset when the same routine is selected, i.e. ASSET DETAILS 'Check-out' button etc. What I am trying to do is to edit/remove the now redundant text that has accumulated in this drop-down list menu.


The 'Allow entry of other values' option is not supposed to be available for field entry if, as in this case, a Drop-down list is selected which seems at odds with the fact that user text is sequentially stored whenever entered. Examining the way the button Drop-down list as set up by the FM programer reveals, after selecting Display Popover, in the inspector:


Display data from ... Asset::Location

Control Style ... Drop-down list

Values from Locations ... From Field "Assets::Location with Include Arrow..... and Auto-complete using .... boxes both checked

Note: The check box option Allow editing of value list is dimmed and so not available


The field Location in Asset is Text, Indexed, Auto enter calculation .... If  (IsEmpty (Self) ; "Not Assigned", Self)


The Value Lists for Locations source is from the Field "Assets::Location"


So it seem to go around in a circle and so does not reveal to me the sequentially stored text that I wish to access and edit/delete.


Where do I find it?