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      I am using the Asset solution provided by FileMaker. In the ASSET DETAILS window when an asset is 'not assigned' a button (red) named 'Check-out' when clicked on displays a drop-down list. the top drop-down list accessible permits the user to enter text e.g. 'Workshop' which then is available for the next asset when the same routine is selected, i.e. ASSET DETAILS 'Check-out' button etc. What I am trying to do is to edit/remove the now redundant text that has accumulated in this drop-down list menu.


      The 'Allow entry of other values' option is not supposed to be available for field entry if, as in this case, a Drop-down list is selected which seems at odds with the fact that user text is sequentially stored whenever entered. Examining the way the button Drop-down list as set up by the FM programer reveals, after selecting Display Popover, in the inspector:


      Display data from ... Asset::Location

      Control Style ... Drop-down list

      Values from Locations ... From Field "Assets::Location with Include Arrow..... and Auto-complete using .... boxes both checked

      Note: The check box option Allow editing of value list is dimmed and so not available


      The field Location in Asset is Text, Indexed, Auto enter calculation .... If  (IsEmpty (Self) ; "Not Assigned", Self)


      The Value Lists for Locations source is from the Field "Assets::Location"


      So it seem to go around in a circle and so does not reveal to me the sequentially stored text that I wish to access and edit/delete.


      Where do I find it?

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          Hi Herby

          Herby wrote:



          Values from Locations ... From Field "Assets::Location


          The value list is getting the values from data that is already in the field "Assets::Location" in other records.  There are 2 ways you can get rid of the values you don't want in the list.

          1.  Change the type of value list.  It could be a custom value list - you type in the values that you want to have appear in the dropdown.  You could have a separate table with a record for each location and the value list gets its values from that field.  You could create a "current location" flag and create a table occurrence that only shows current locations.

          2.  Change the data in your records so that you only have assets in the locations that you want.  eg. if you currently have 20 locations showing in your dropdown list, then across all your records those 20 locations are in use.  Update records so that across all records you only have 10 locations and you'll find you only have 10 locations in the dropdown list.


          In a field you can press Command + i keys (mac) or Control + i keys (windows) to show the index of the field - it will show what values are currently in use in that field across all your records.  Do a find on any location that is not current and then you can put in the correct locations for those records.


          HTH.  Chris