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    ValueList - Only related




      Am building an repport site where the user will choose what company Unit that they whana see the report of. When they have choosen what unit, i want to list what periods are available in a value list (dropdown list field).


      Relations are following:



      ValueList look the following:




      What is wrong ? =( anyone have an idee or suggestion ?

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          You want to display a value list of Period, yet Period is part of your relationship. This means two things:


          1) You won't see anything until the WebView::Period field is given a value.

          2) Even if you give it a value, it won't show anything but the period it matches.


          I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do, but you might try removing the Period field from the relationship and showing only the Teranga field.

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            Hi Mike


            I have a table with 100 000+ records of archived finance information. each month i do an pre-invoicing for all the units in the company.

            Now am going to build this so its accesseble by the units. One of the steps is to list all costs that was for a unit (Teranga) per period. The period is built with "YYYY-MM" format.


            So, the user chooses Teranga (unit), then under period i want the periods valid for that unit to be shown in the ValueList.



            i tested what you suggested by removing the relationship of "Period" and instead put in the field "Start Period" instead. and then did a "Start Period" = "Period". since i have a portal below that shows the information from the archive table..  But it didnt work.. :/

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              If i exclude the option: "Include only related values......"


              it works fine, exept it lists ALL the periods, not only the one´s related to that unit. :/ and thats what am trying to solve.

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                i solved it !!! =)


                what i needed to do was to create an dubblicate relationship but ONLY then use Teranga as relation.

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                  Stigge - can you post what your Value List setup looks like now? I've had a similar issue with this and would like to see which relationship is where.



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                    Its the same as before, exept i now take the date from relation2.

                    hope it helps =)