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Floating window-button

Question asked by larslucidor on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Abingdon

I'm trying to re-write a script (trigged by a button) to use the new floating window option instead of a dialogue box. The script enters data in a calculation and ends presenting a list of results in the dialogue box. It uses hidden layouts and disconnects window refresh when changing layouts.

I would prefer to skip the dialogue box and instead show a floating window with the results  (containing a field where the results are displayed as a text with a simple layout). BUT - it seems I can only create floating windows connected to a button - and the results are shown immediately when pressing the button instead of after the calculation is made. The floating window is showing a previous result instead of the actual.


Can floating windows only be used as a first step in a script? Do I have to create a script trigging and finalizing the calculation in the background already before the user presses the floating window button? Or is there an easier way?


On top of the whole thing I would like to use this solution in WebDirect.