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Date problem - one area is displaying in USA format whereas everywhere else is in Australian - how to fix

Question asked by de-ann on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by alecgregory

Hi  I was wondering if someone could answer a problem for me please.


We have the system Filemaker Pro.

I have just one question.


Being a travel company we have a tab where we list flight details as per below. Please note that the dates are loaded as 20/03/2016 and it displays as 20 Mar 2016


We then go to the customers tab and in the middle of the page



And we hit the Air PNR’s box and the flights display with two options to print with a signature required or without.


Our problem is that both options don’t print correctly.


With signature required is changing the date as follows (American style month/date/year) and for the life of me nothing works in getting this to print the correct way. This is the option we want to work the most.




The second option was to print with no signature but the problem with this one is it only shows the first flight details and for the next 3 flights it only shows the flight number.



Please can you help me to change the date to relect the australian way???