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FM 14 Script Editor, transposes first 2 characters

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Mar 15, 2016

I've been coding quite a bit on FM 14 and I know I transpose characters occasionally.  But this seems to happen over and over and it I'm not having problems with it elsewhere.  Does anyone else notice that the first two characters you type when in the script editor, FM is trying to find the appropriate script step and my characters     get transposed?  Like if I type "If" it often will pick the "FI" for Find script step when I want If.  I've noticed this all along on FMPA 14 from 14.0v1 to v5.  I use a Mac OS X that was 10.10.5 and is not 10.11.3.  And maybe I'm just fat fingering and am transposing characters when I'm at the start of typing a script function.  But I thought I would ask if anyone else has noticed this.  And if you have noticed it, do you have an idea of the cause or what I can do to avoid this?