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Create multiple records from a filtered portal

Question asked by FredG on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by FredG

Working with Filemaker Pro 13.


I have a table of jobs that need a contractor assigned to each one.  This table includes the address of the job and the type of service needed.

I have a table of contractors and their related addresses and type of work that they do.

When a new job is entered I need to find a contractor that lives in the state that the job is located AND provides the service type needed.

I have a button on the job that creates a new record for Job Tracking.  On this layout is a filtered portal that shows all the contractors that live in the state and provide the service.  I have all of this working.


Here is the issue, on each of the rows in that portal I want to be able to add tracking notes and other fields that are related to that contractor for the specific job.


My thought was that when the button is clicked a script would run that would automatically create the related tracking records I need.  This is where I am having issues.  Can anyone assist?


About me:  I am 3 months into learning Filemaker as my company hired an outside vendor to create a DB for our systems.  Now I am tasked with learning it, figuring out how the other company set things up and adding new functionality.