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Problem creating records in external file via dual-key relationship?

Question asked by TravisButler on Mar 16, 2016

OK, first time I've run into this issue. I'm trying to create a record in a related table via portal, and getting the dreaded "Operation cannot be performed because one or more related records are not available and cannot be created." error. Here's the situation:


  • We have a parent 'Property' record and a linked table of annual status records. We just added a second division to the company, requiring us to track separate statuses for each division.
  • To do this, I added a 'Division' field to the status record to track this, and 'constant' calculation key fields in the parent table to allow separate relationships for each division's child records. So now there are two parent-child relationships where there was one, based on the parent record ID and the two 'constant' key fields linking to the Division field in the status record.
  • Status records can be created directly in portals based on the Property -> Status record relationships. This worked fine in the main file with just the one relationship, and now works fine with the two different relationships.
  • A second file in the system tracks Contracts for the Properties, and accesses the Property and Status Record tables as an external data source; the relationship goes Contract -> Property -> Status. A portal on the Contract layout shows the Status records for the Contract's parent Property.
  • When there was just one set of Status records, I could create Status records in the portal on the Contract layout. This also worked in the first method I used to separately access a division's Status records, with a compound key calculated from the Property ID and the division name.
  • However, when I switched to Division as a separate field (calculated constant in the parent Contract record, data field in the child Status record), and switched the relationship from a compound single key to a dual-key, I lost the ability to create records from the portal on the Contract layout. Instead, I get "Operation cannot be performed because one or more related records are not available and cannot be created."

What am I missing here? I can create records via a dual-key relationship in the tables' home file, but can't when I'm accessing the tables as external data sources from another file. Is it the external access, the additional relationship level (Contract -> Property -> Status instead of Property -> Status), or something else I'm not catching?