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PSOS, Export records in HTML.  How to insert in Web Viewer ?

Question asked by ayescas on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by ayescas

Hello Folks,

I'm using PSOS to run a sub-summary report, which would take too long to sort over the WAN with client.  After the report runs I need the client to access the report.


Server won't generate PDF's on the server side, so the only thing I was able to get to work was exporting the report in HTML and sending it to the client via email.


Is there a better way to show the export/report to the client without having to access their email ?

I tired to insert the file into a container field, but had no success.  Is that possible on the server-side ?

Is it possible to insert the html export into a web-viewer and if so how ?


Thank you very much !!!



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