Mac hardware recommendation for FMS

Discussion created by mcrip on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by Markus Schneider

I'm looking for recommendations for mac hardware for running Filemaker Server, either currently selling models or not too old (easy to find).


We are currently running an older Xserve that, against the current best practices, is handling all our server needs (AFP, OD, SMB, Print, and Filemaker Server) with an older OS and FMS (version 12).  In an attempt to start to upgrade to more modern OS I'd like to split out FMS to it's own box, upgrading to version 14 (leaving the older box in place to handle other tasks).  The current server is handling about 20 client machines.  On the Filemaker side we average around 5 connections, sometimes going up to as many as 10.  The connections are mostly from Filemaker Pro clients with a few Filemaker Go clients on occasion.  We have no plans to enable webdirect at this time.  And if we move to that in the future it would be for a very limited number of clients (and I would probably be pushing for a hardware upgrade at that time).  We don't need 24x7 uptime on the filemaker server and I have a backup solution.