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GetAsCSS export - "Arial Bold" instead of "Arial"

Question asked by samhawkens on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2016 by samhawkens

With FM Pro 14 GetAsCSS exported code for text that is formatted as "Arial" and "bold" looks like that:

</SPAN><SPAN STYLE=\"font-family: \&#39;Arial Bold\&#39;\;font-weight: bold\;\" ><BR></SPAN>


... instead of that (as it worked with FM 13):

</SPAN><SPAN STYLE=\"font-family: \&#39;Arial\&#39;\;font-weight: bold\;\" ><BR></SPAN>


Because web browsers usually don't recognize a font named "Arial Bold" this text is displayed with a replacement font - e. g. Times New Roman bold - in the browser.


Can anyone reproduce this behaviour?

Is this a bug in FM Pro 14?

Will this be fixed?


Thanks for any ideas