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Discussion created by TonyWhite on Mar 16, 2016
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It would be a good idea for the FileMaker Product and the FileMaker Platform if FileMaker Inc. were to do the same thing forProduct Documentation as has been done for Product Issues and Product Ideas.

FileMaker documentation comes in many forms, and in general does a good job of covering a wide and deep platform. That said, there are many parts of the documentation that are incorrect and/or incomplete. Currently, if any developers sees a mistake in the documentation, the suggested protocol is to submit a correction to a web form. There is not much incentive for most developers to do this. Has someone else already taken the time and the energy to submit a bug report on the documentation? Would I be wasting my time and energy? Will I be able to get feedback from other developers?

FileMaker made a wise decision in setting up the Product Ideas area on FileMaker Community. This has harnessed the energy and the collective knowledge of the FileMaker developer community, and has been good for the FileMaker Platform.

Likewise, it would useful to have an area for Product Documentation. This could be a simple as having a parallel post/discussion thread on FileMaker Community for each documentation item.

Key areas of FileMaker documentation include:

1.1 The knowledge base articles Here, for example, are 2 articles where I would like to both give and get feedback (there seems to be a gap for FM 13):

1.2 It would be good if there was a twitter feed for changes and new KB pages

2. The white papers: Version numbers would be useful. I am not sure if there currently is a method for summiting corrections and/or suggestions.

3. The FTS training material: For example, perhaps there are some keyboard shortcuts in the script workspace that are undocumented there.

Better documentation leads to better FileMaker "apps" which lead to a stronger FileMaker community.

Tony White