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Accessing related portal data in the same layout?

Question asked by tkessler45 on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by BMyers

I have two tables. The first is "Entries" and the second is "Labels". There can be more than one label per entry, so I created a one-to-many relationship from Entries to Labels by a Label ID field (unique, numerical serial auto-entry, etc.).


I have another table that relates to Entries, and through a layout for this table am showing the listing of entries through a portal to the Entries table. This works as expected.


What I would like to do is select an entry row in the portal, and then have another portal on the same layout show the Labels associated with the given Entry record. Is there a way to do this, especially one that doesnt involve scripting of global fields and other details? I can try to grab the Label ID from the selected/active Entry portal row (if possible--havent explored this yet) and store this in a global field that relates to the Labels table for the secondary lookup, but would prefer something simpler if it can be done (ie, not requiring a global field).