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Filemaker 14 crashing when using PDF interactive container.

Question asked by on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by TSGal

Filemaker 14.0.5

OSX 10.11.3

8 Core Mac Pro 2014 with 12 GB memory AMD FirePro D300

Using containers with the setting for the container using interactive, there are numerous crashes when returning from adding objects on the layout.  The crash is early enough when returning that the object is not added to the layout.  Sometimes this will happen when manipulating the PDF tools in the container.  Opening and closing the small page icons. Clicking on a small page icon.


No plugins included.  Reinstalled FM 14 and upgraded to v5.  No luck.


For me replicating is creating a layout with a PDF container having referenced documents and taking any of the above steps.  It does not happen if the container is not set to interactive and happens much less frequently if the container is kept small (2x2 inches) instead of the full page size I am attempting to use.


Does not happen with each click of a PDF container but does happen each time an attempt is made to add objects to the layout.


Crash Logs are easy to create.